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Breast Cancer Services

Breast cancer can be a devastating discovery for any person, regardless of gender or age. For years, Dr. James H. Frost has been a leader in diagnosing and treating breast cancer, helping patients of all ages get professional, comprehensive treatment in a safe, holistic manner. From two locations in New Jersey, Dr. Frost and his experienced team provide detail-oriented results for people across the nation, so you and your family feel comfortable and in the know. Often, the scariest part about cancer is the unknown. Our team takes immense pride in keeping you up to date so you and your family can make important decisions on how to proceed with treatment. We know it can be a troubling time whenever you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We utilize next-generation innovations in oncology to better serve our patients. Dr. Frost is at the forefront of treatments for every type of breast cancer so you get answers and results quickly.

Diagnosing breast cancer

Diagnosing breast cancer is one of the most important aspects to catching it early in the process. Our detection methods have helped patients catch the disease before it has advanced farther in the body, so the fight can begin. If you are experiencing strange symptoms in your chest area, have lumps or growths, or just don’t feel right, it is best to get an evaluation from Dr. Frost. We provide comprehensive evaluations for breast cancer detection in addition to biopsies. Our mammographic breast MRI and ultrasound services get you and your family the answers you need. Come in today to our Union or Manahawkin locations if you have a family history of breast cancer or are experiencing:

  • Pain in your breast
  • Discharge from your nipples
  • Lumps on or around your breast
  • General discomfort in the region

Cancer-related breast surgeries

Once we’ve diagnosed cancer in your breast, it is vital to start the process of fighting off the disease. From mastectomy operations and reconstruction options to breast conservation surgeries, Dr. Frost and the entire team will help you decide what treatment options are best for your situation. In conjunction with radiation and chemotherapy treatments, cancer-related breast surgeries are important tools for your recovery. We explore all options in a holistic approach so we can do what’s best for removing the cancer and helping you continue to live comfortably.

Breast cancer genetic testing

Dr. James H. Frost provides full breast cancer genetic testing, which allows our team of specialists to look into your family history and properly assess your risks of developing breast cancer. We do a thorough review of your genetic history and look into your family’s history of cancers and other factors. Our in-office genetic testing provides a safe and effective mechanism for determining the likelihood of you or someone in your family developing breast cancer later in life. For high-risk patients, understanding your family’s history is a fundamental part of keeping the disease at bay, because it is more likely you will catch the cancer earlier on, should it develop. As with any cancer in your body, the sooner it is identified, the sooner our team can go to work in helping your body fight the disease.

Contact the breast cancer specialists in New Jersey today at (609) 568-2538.